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     Xiamen XinAoGe Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd was established in 2007, due to business expansion, We registered Disin (Xiamen) Import and Export Co., Ltd in January 6, 2016 to facilitate the development of overseas markets. The company focuses on new machine development and production. We have a high-quality, highly educated management team and have introduced many innovative parts to our automatic machine, painting equipment, to provide protection for your production rate and process. The company's main products are: 6-color Disin machine, 12-color Disin machine, 16-color Disin machine, 20-color Disin machine, Shoes round bar automatic plastic dripping machine, vision fully automated spray painting machineVisual automatic point drill, non-standard custom car mats. In the industry we also have a certain visibility. Over the years, we have strongly been absorbing and digesting advanced technology at home and abroad in order to improve and advance product design, simplify the product's structure, beautify the appearance, target long life usage of the machines, and the quality of the performance indicators which have reached or exceeded the domestic advanced level. The Machine is widely used in the automotive industry, generally received praise by the majority of users.

With our purpose of ?today?s quality is tomorrow?s market?, our company will stick to innovative to fit in today?s technology, strengthening management to provide customers with the highest quality products and good services. We welcome all customers!


We apprehend customer loyalty and integrity in order to enhance a win-win ideology in the market as well as innovation beyond one’s self. XinAoGe will always be your loyalty partner!

Disin machine Features

Our machine uses self-developed control system, open feeding system, more secure and convenient. It has gun glue imported from Taiwan, it does not leak and tear edges. We offer one year warranty. The spring type operating panel retooling is easy to change. Use of high-frequency electromagnetic valve, RBI and flow control are more precise, it has more professional outfall, and the second compound can be used.

Visual jet varnishing machine Features

Our machine uses self-developed system, the camera is automatically positioned and our glue gun is jet, the needle does not scratch, does not contain material and glue exudation is very precision. The high-frequency electromagnetic valve is from USA, no-load rate is 150 times / sec or more.

We can work on different materials, spot drilling, LED dispensing, COB dispersing, button dispensing, zipper slider dispensing, hardware dispensing, clothing adjuvant dispensing, shoe material PU dispensing, trademark dispensing, handicraft article dispensing, case and bag crystal dispensing, badge print dispensing, PVC trademark dispensing, silica gel stamp dispensing etc.