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Corporate culture

Current Location :Corporate culture
1. enterprise purpose: customer first, reputation win, high quality, high quality service.

2. Business Philosophy:

A. quality - the basis of image; technology - the key to takeoff;

Management - the eternal theme; innovation - the source of development.

B. relies on the staff management enterprise, relies on the science and technology to enhance the quality, wins the market by the quality, relies on the innovation to promote the development.

3. Team Spirit:

I rely on enterprises to survive, enterprises rely on my development;

I try my best for the enterprise and make profit for me.

4.Enterprise Style:

A. work hard, efficient, civilized, hard work.

B. truth-seeking, pragmatic, diligent and efficient.

5. Enterprise Spirit:

A. love factory, dedicated, pioneering, enterprising.

B. dedicated, responsible, hard work, innovation.

C. dedication, struggle, development, innovation

6. Professional Ethics:

A. the user is God, service is the basic duty.

B. customer first, service first.

7. Corporate Image:

According to law, management, scientific, civilized, good style, high quality service, quality, skilled and innovative.

8. quality policy: advanced technology, management science, engineering, product quality, integrity, re Connaught, service in place.

9. Corporate Belief:

A. take a good road today, do well tomorrow development.

B. takes the road of pioneering work, plans for development, splendid chapters.

10. Management Strategy:

A. talent strategy, brand strategy, innovation strategy, market development strategy.

B. implementation of talent, brand, innovation and market development strategy, consolidate and improve the level of construction and installation, development and expansion of processing capacity.

11. Enterprise Values: never satisfied, striving for first-class, perfect self, continuous development.

12. Enterprise Environment: internal harmony, all in unison partnership; external relationship development smoothly, from all sides to help me.

13. Enterprise Philosophy: management people-oriented, service quality first, style of hard as the best, high benefit to good.

14. Action Slogan: live by hard work, seek innovation and development.

The company's main products: paint machine, glue machine, Disu, drill point