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Introduction of point paint machine

Current Location :Introduction of point paint machine

【点盛】单工位点漆机 一、CCD, a visual spray paint machine, glue machine, glue machine

1 、 the company develops its own automatic CCD camera positioning system with automatic tracking and positioning camera. It can automatically adjust the dispensing coordinates during the operation.

2, the product directly into the tray on epoxy, products can be arbitrarily placed, 360 degree vision positioning.

3, X, Y, Z repeatability accuracy + 0.01mm, maximum speed 1000mmc, resolution 0.001mm.

4, double glue, left and right placed on a tray, when left at the beginning of the work when the epoxy glue head, the right camera took pictures a machine, left and right turn is photographed without stopping the machine to make the machine work.

5, the product can be RBI, straight line, painted arc, irregular curve function. 300 consecutive RBI / sec, no leakage, good drop drop and not repeat glue.

6, dispensing precision, high speed: because the nozzle from the mold 2- 6mm, will not hurt the product and mold, and do not need artificial glue, the product surface is very clean.

7, visual glue table is Longmen style sports structure, platform without movement, Y axis in motion, higher yield, more stable performance.

8, the product processing speed and glue and glue can be closed in advance in advance of any programming, with the image set and the DXF file into the function of teaching.

9, apply fluid: SILICON silica gel, PVC glue, PU glue, UV glue, AB glue, COB glue, EMI glue, conductive black crystal glue, quick drying glue, epoxy adhesive, sealant, hot glue, grease, silver glue, red glue, paste, paste, solder paste, paint and other liquid materials.

10, applicable to all kinds of products: LED, COB, dispensing dispensing button, zipper head, various types of hardware, clothing accessories, shoe glue glue, PU glue, glue trademark gifts, bags, micro crystal epoxy paint dispensing, chapter PVC trademark dispensing, silicone rubber seal glue glue machine vision positioning products are available.

11, double station effective (X) size: 300 x 400 x 100 (Y) (Z) mm machine (L) size: 1480 x 1400 x 1800 (W) (H) mm. weight: 600KG.

12, single station effective (X) size: 550 x 350 x 46 (Y) (Z) mm machine (L) size: 1300 x 1040 x 1840 (W) (H) mm. weight: 540KG

13, the machine working environment humidity: 10-90%RH, temperature 0-39 Celsius

The company's main point: visual automatic paint machine, glue machine vision, visual drill, drop moulding machine