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Automatic single station visual point paint machine

The company features: the machine adopts the machine control system of our independent research and development, the system of open feeding, safe and convenient; glue gun micro Taiwan imported glue precision noleak adhesive, not tear burrs, one year warranty card; spring type panel die change is more simple, high frequency electric magnetic valve. Management and flow control more accurate and more professional; sewage mouth, sizing material used for the two time, not to waste.
16 color bar drop presses basic parameters
Machine size: 900mm * 1200mm * 1460mm
XYZ axis working accuracy: + 0.01mm
Working color: 16 colors
Max movement speed: 5m/min
Worktable size: 560mm * 350mm
Drive mode: servo + stepper
XYZ axis travel: 850mm * 330mm * 50mm
Power: 1000W
Voltage: AC220V/50HZ 0.5KW below
Total weight: 500KG
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