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How to choose the right PVC dripping plastic equipment

* : * : admin * : 2016-12-22 * : 18
This is not a problem for customers who are already producing plastic drops and understanding the process, but! For our new customers, this is a problem. Not the more expensive the better equipment is not as cheap as possible, we have to learn to choose our PVC drip plastic equipment.
Today we come to talk about if you choose the right auxiliary drip plastic equipment
1, mixer
With the size of the mixer, such as a day with no more than 200kg with 3.7KW mixer can be used; if the 7.5kW mixer is suitable for use within 500kg, which is generally used in the production of PVC soles; the amount in more than 500kg should use 11kw.
2, vacuum equipment
200kg within one day of raw materials: choose 15L vacuum pump plus 50L vacuum barrel
One day more than 200kg raw materials: choose 30L vacuum pump plus two 50L vacuum barrels
Day 500kk raw material: choose 70-100L vacuum pump plus 1 50L and 200L vacuum barrel
3, sand blasting machine
Small products: inner air 60cm*50cm
Large products: inner air 90cm*60cm
The above is to tell you how to choose the right PVC drip plastic equipment three auxiliary equipment, the above information is for reference only.