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The company the origin of history

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The company the origin of history

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Drip molding is originated in Germany, mainly in Japan in 80s, mainly in South Korea in 90s, in early 70s in Taiwan, the mid 90s slowly transferred to the mainland production. Now part has been transferred to Vietnam, Indonesia and other places.

Drip molding is currently a small number of processes still use hand produced products.

The company mainly relies on the CNC machining technology, artificial link dispensing machines to automatic dispensing, the production efficiency is greatly improved.

The company mainly rely on the three-dimensional motion system will specify the location of the PVC paste dispensing needle to plastic mold, and by controlling the extrusion paste resin time and needle moving speed to control the amount of glue. In order to achieve a certain effect of dispensing.

After the subsequent curing molding to produce a variety of color PVC or rubber products.